What is Commandeer? - Audio Explanation


Cloud management, reimagined.

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Why Commandeer?

Save Time

Work smarter, not harder

Get More Done

Enjoy the Cloud again!


We took 20 of the most popular cloud services that we use everyday, and created a consistent and powerful UI to manage them. We attempt to provide key functionality for around 80% of a service. You may still need the web console for certain tasks, but for typical day to day usage, you can quickly get to what matters to you most.

Demo Deck

Take a tour through the application, and see for yourself how much functionality we provide for a simpler and more consistent work environment.

As Featured on Product Hunt

People are happy to have a new way to manage the cloud.



Ross Hale, CEO @ Fractal

Commandeer allows our developers to focus on the business logic instead of spending countless hours on the infrastructure.


Cory Loken, CEO @ Crunchy Bananas

Commandeer is our go to app to manage the infrastructure. It's amazing how much insights you get from just seeing your infrastructure visually.


Sergeant Serverless @ The Front Lines

If you ever stumbled upon LocalStack, and thought the world has just gotten so much better, because you can run your AWS Cloud on your local computer, we think you are going to feel the same way about Commandeer.

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