Our Partners

Building the software of the future, today.

Cloud software takes a lot of know-how to get things done right. We are on this journey with some of the best teams around. Whether you need help in the areas of AI, ML and Big Data, or taking your app or website into the cloud fast and efficiently. Our partners can help you scale your cloud systems the right way.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Execute on AI and ML with experts in the field.

Data Society
Our love for data science has fueled our six-year journey

To catalyze your organization by integrating data analytics across teams and departments with high-quality, customizable, and practical data science training. We work with you to unleash your workforce’s potential and prepare for the future.

At Retina, our mission is to help you connect the dots.

We empower you to discover, operate, and evolve around CLV as the primary metric for customer and business health. Connect predictive customer-level metrics to acquisition, retention, customer success, and more.

Tatras Data
We are a team of academics, data practitioners and business professionals with decades of experience in the data mining and data science disciplines.

We are a trusted and valued service provider for delivering robust and reliable Data Science solutions across various domains such as retail, healthcare, media, IT, education etc.

Cloud Services

Manage the cloud with tools built for it.

We help companies succeed with serverless

Dashbird is a serverless monitoring and intelligence platform designed to give organizations the confidence to build and operate complex applications on AWS environment.

Develop and test your cloud apps offline

LocalStack provides an easy-to-use test/mocking framework for developing Cloud applications. It spins up a testing environment on your local machine that provides the same functionality and APIs as the real AWS cloud environment.

Implementation Specialists

Get help executing on your cloud system.

Crunchy Bananas
Crazy good software: Shipped

We’re crazy enough to believe that quality software is the expression of a quality conversation with you, our client; that good ideas evolve; and that well-crafted code brings those ideas to life.

Right Balance
Scale the right way.

Get ahead of the game, and scale your stack the right way with us.

Serverless Guru
Enterprise Transformations with Serverless

We guide Fortune 100+ companies with accelerating serverless adoption, serverless migrations, and growing serverless teams.