The #1 S3 IDE

Manage S3 in a simple to use IDE. Commandeer has treeviews, previews, editing, right-click menus, system diagrams, connections to Lambdas, AWS Glue Crawlers, Athena data lakes, and more.

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Complete control of your S3 system

In-place Text Editing

Edit the contents of a text file directly in the app and save it to S3. Works with csv, json, yml, and all other basic text based files.

Preview Media Files

Preview your gifs, videos, and audio files. Commandeer let's you manage ALL your media files.

Treeview File Navigation

File system style treeview access to your buckets, folders, and files. Just like it should be.

Upload and Download your Files

Drag and drop multiple files to upload, download files onto your local machine. Managing your files on S3 just got a lot easier.

Manage File Permissions

No more surprises. Easily see all your file permissions. All uploads are defaulted to private. Edit permissions with ease.

View and Test Lambda Connections

See your Lambda connections in system diagrams as well as in the treeview. Trigger S3 to Lambda invocations manually and instantly see the corresponding CloudWatch Logs.

Works with LocalStack

No more viewing your local S3 files in the terminal. Manage your S3 files on LocalStack the same.

Express yourself

Draw and write on images to help communicate your ideas in a visual way.

System Diagrams

Visualize your S3 infrastructure and how your buckets interact with CloudWatch Alarms and Logs, Glue Crawlers, Lambdas, and Athena Data Lakes.


The Best AWS S3 Tool

Built by developers for developers, Commandeer is designed to provide the best experience working with AWS S3. We refined each piece of this experience to perfection. It has simple and efficient navigation and powerful file management tools for the modern Cloud.

Work Locally

Seamless LocalStack Integration

Want to manage your S3 files locally? Commandeer seamlessly integrates with LocalStack. Just switch the account to local, and use the same UI to access your local S3 files. It works the exact same way as for your cloud account.


See Your S3 Infrastructure

Visualize and test your bucket Lambda connections. See the connections between your buckets, CloudWatch Alarms, and CloudWatch Logs. Download and share system diagrams with your team.


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